Low OD Multiple-Line Diodes / Visible / IR
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  • Low OD Multiple-Line Diodes / Visible / IR
  • Low OD Multiple-Line Diodes / Visible / IR
마일리지 공급가의 1%
제조사(브랜드) L2K
판매사/수입사 주식회사 엘투케이플러스
납기일 2-3주
배송비 기본 배송료 3,500원(배송방법에 따라 배송비가 달라집니다)
배송정보 10만원 이상 구매시 기본택배 배송료 무료
주문안내 최소 주문 가능 금액 : 3만원
제품 사양서 인쇄
Cat. No. 모델명 제품명 사양 판매단위 판매가 수량
21-01532-01 DI6 190-400nm@5+, 670-695nm@3+, 815-1050@3+ - 1ea/pk 244,200원
- +
21-01532-02 DI7 190-400nm@5+, 680nm@2+, 828-905nm@2.5+ - 1ea/pk 244,200원
- +
21-01532-03 DI9 190-400nm@5+, 820-915nm@2+, 840-900nm@3+ - 1ea/pk 227,700원
- +
21-01532-04 ML4 190-400nm@5+, 610-715nm@2+, 670-695nm@5+, 790-890nm@3+, 810-875nm@4+ - 1ea/pk 276,100원
- +
21-01532-05 ML6 190-400nm@5+, 532nm@4.2+, 690nm@2.8+, 710nm@3.2+, 800-810nm@3.5+, 915-1070nm@2.8+, 1064nm@3.5+ - 1ea/pk 471,900원
- +
21-01532-06 DIW 190-400nm@5+, 405-420nm@3.5+, 585-625nm@2.5+, 626-710nm@3+ - 1ea/pk 220,000원
- +
21-01532-07 ML3 190-400nm@5+, 630-660nm@3+, 800-915nm@3+, 780-920nm@2+ - 1ea/pk 251,900원
- +
21-01532-08 ML2 190-400nm@5+, 630-710nm@3+, 790-820nm@3+, 800-810nm@3.5+ - 1ea/pk 227,700원
- +
21-01532-09 ML7 190-400nm@5+, 532nm@2.5+, 630-655nm@1.5+, 795-1070nm@3.7+, 810-1064nm@4+ - 1ea/pk 333,300원
- +
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Low OD Multiple-Line Diodes / Visible / IR 

Style Options - All LaserShield frames carry a lifetime warranty.


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Choosing Eye Protection

The Five Fs of Eyewear

1. Facts -- Specifications of the Laser and conditions of use.

  • Consult your laser's manufacturer's guide for eyewear requirements.
  • Calculate OD and power density requirements based on wavelength, power in watts (or for pulsed systems, using wavelength, power in joules, pulse length in seconds and pulse repetition rate in hertz), using laser safety software such as Lazan, LaserSafePC, Easy Haz or the LIA's Laser Hazard Evaluator Software.
  • Consider: Are there engineering controls limiting exposure to the beam? Is partial beam visibility required for alignment of visible beams? Is protection required for intra-beam exposure or is protection primarily for diffuse or scattered energy? For medical applications, are there different eyewear considerations for the Clinician and patient (in terms of VLT-visible light transmittance, full orbital coverage, weight of eyewear)? Will filter color / color rendition affect use? Are there multiple laser systems in the area, or is the eyewear designated for a single system?
  • Consult laser safety eyewear manufacture.

2. Filter -- OD, damage threshold and Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) requirements.

  • Make sure the filter will reduce possible energy exposure to below the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE).
  • Check the Photopic Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) of the filter. VLT is the percentage of visible light transmitted through a filter, calculated against the spectral sensitivity of the eye to daylight. The higher the better. VLTs below 20% should be used in well-illuminated working environments.
  • Consider Absorptive or Interference filters-Absorptive filters may be polymer + dye based or glass, and function by absorbing laser energy. Interference filters employ thin layers of reflective material for protection. Hybrids combine both technologies.
  • Lightweight polymer filters offer varying VLTs and mid-level damage thresholds for UV, Visible and near IR, with lower damage thresholds for IR.
  • Polymer filters are cost effective, easy to wear and offer the highest impact resistance, while heavier glass filters can offer higher VLTs and higher damage thresholds at higher expense, and dielectrically coated and hybrids offer the highest VLTs, highest damage thresholds (in that some energy is not absorbed but reflected), at the highest cost.

3. Frame -- Style and mode of wearing.

  • Rule #1: if the glasses are uncomfortable, users will be tempted to not wear them.
  • Rule #2: Vanity rules, even in the lab. Users will wear what they like.
  • Many frames are designed to fit-over prescription glasses. Some are universal, fitting well for those who do and those who do not wear prescription glasses.
  • Ensure that the selected frame is face-forming, well-fitting with no gaps. Models with sideshields increase ambient light, cut down on obstructed viewing and decrease the non-beam hazard of walking into a door.
  • Polymer filters are available in the most variety of frames, often with the widest field of view and full angular coverage.

4. Fit -- adjustability, comfort, vanity.

  • Repeat of Rule #1: If the goggles don't fit, users won't wear them.
  • Repeat of Rule #2: Users won't wear what doesn't fit well or what they don't like.

5. Factors -- additional considerations.

  • Eye protection is only effective when worn-It's of no use if it's sitting on the shelf.
  • If eye protection is too heavy, poorly fitted, poorly designed or the VLT is too low, users will make the wrong choice: not to wear it.
  • Risk assessment must be part of the equation, use engineering controls to reduce the risk.
  • Filter technical data, including batch data, absorption characteristics, test reports, CE certificates and documentation of conformity should be available upon request or online.
  • Consider the source. You only get two eyes.

Reference to ~

1) Optical density (OD). Units measuring transmission usually in blocking regions. Conversion: -log10T = OD. For example, 1% transmission is .01 absolute, so -log10 (0.01) = OD 2.0.

2) -. "L" ratings are the EN207 CE certification in Europe

   -. The following for "MODE" in Catalog are the definitions.

       D= Continues wave laser

       R= Giant pulsed

       I= Nano or Pico pulsed

      M= very fast femto pulsed.


* 2 set 이하 구매시 별도의 항공운임비(\70,000원) 추가.




 1)제품 구매 수량에 따라서 가격할인 됩니다.

-. 1~5 개 기존 가격.

-. 6~9개 10% 할인.


-. 10개 이상 협의.

( 10개 이상 주문시 귀사 로고 및 회사명을 보안경에 마킹하여드립니다. Laughing) 

2) 2개 이하 구매시 별도의 항공운임비 ( 70,000원) 추가 됩니다. 

3) 제품 선택시 상단의 레이저 고글 프레임도 함께 선택하여 주세요. 

1. 단순변심일경우 : 물품수령 후 7일이내 반품가능(반품배송비 구매자가 부담)
2. 표시, 광고 내용과 상이하거나 물품 하자인 경우 : 물품수령 후 3개월이내, 또는 그 사실을 안날 또는 알수 있었던 날로부터 30일이내 반품가능 (반품배송비 판매자가 부담)

단, 아래의 내용인 경우에는 교환/반품/환불이 불가능하오니 참조하시기 바랍니다.

1. 반품요청기간이 지난 경우
2. 고객님의 책임있는 사유로 상품등이 멸실 또는 훼손된 경우(단 상품의 내용을 확인하기 위하여 포장 등을 훼손한 경우는 제외)
3. 주문 당시 해외 발주 상품의 경우
4. 고객의 요청으로 주문제작이 이루어진 경우
5. 포장을 개봉하였거나 포장이 훼손되어 상품의 가치가 현저하게 감소한 경우
6. 고객님의 사용 또는 일부 소비에 의하여 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
7. 재판매가 곤란한 정도로 상품등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
8. 복제가 가능한 상품 등의 포장을 훼손한 경우